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Sothys Treatments

Why Sothys is The Trusted French Spa Brand

SOTHYS has a 77 year history of professional skincare treatments. Dr Hotz a trained physicist and biologist was motivated to find a remedy to minimize the suffering of burn victims in the aftermath of World War II. In 1946, he invented the world’s first concentrated biologically-based serum stored in sealed ampoules. After formulating the first medicinal cream to heal burnt skin, Dr. Hotz then also began to dispense an original line of products alongside his medical practice. He catered to an elite Parisian clientele, operating from a tiny beauty institute at 163 rue du Faubourg St Honoré, in the heart of Paris’ golden triangle. In 1966, the Mas family, owners of the Asepta laboratories in Monaco, acquired the SOTHYS Institute. Handed down for generations from father to sons. Sothys still is today a family run business.
Why Nature is at the Heart of Sothys

Nature has always been at the heart of Sothys and a source of inspiration. The study and formulation of botanicals formulas are one of Sothys founding principles. SOTHYS leads the industry in groundbreaking innovative botanical formulations and non-invasive yet highly effective professional beauty treatments which place the customer and their wellbeing at the heart of every Sothys treatment. All formula research is conducted in the Sothys Laboratory, botanical ingredients grown in the Sothys Gardens and manufacturing at their dedicated production site all located in the region of Correze in South West France. Today Sothys products and treatments are found only in Spas and Salons. Their philosophy is still true today that only qualified beauty professionals should offer exceptional cruelty free products with a unique personalized caring approach.

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During this season transition, Sothys “updates” its seasonal treatment: from the winter one with black tea and bergamot, we transition to the spring/summer one with strawberry and basil essence.

At the end of winter, the skin is dull and tired, needing to be revitalized to regain its brightness.

Discover a new ritual with delightful and fruity notes of basil and strawberry, to restore healthy radiance to your skin with this vitamin cocktail. A limited edition that will make you dream.

The strawberry & basil seasonal treatment is characterized by delightful notes: exfoliation, double mask, and relaxing massage to achieve revitalized and radiant skin.

Enriched with energizing and vitaminizing active ingredients, the Sothys seasonal treatment recharges your face with new energy.

The key actives in this ritual are:

  • Basil: renowned for its antioxidant properties, it protects the skin from daily aggressions.

  • Strawberry: known for its revitalizing and toning properties, it brings firmness to the skin.

The added value is to offer a pampering treatment, a moment of relaxation combining gourmet and sensory suggestions

to be discovered in the cabin.

75  *M/W

Discover a new ritual with delightful and fruity notes of basil and strawberry, to restore healthy radiance to your skin with this vitamin cocktail

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*M/W these treatments are designed for men and women.

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